Budding scientists scholarship programme

September 24, 2021

Are you passionate about science? The University of Auckland is looking for Year 13 students who may be interested in its Science Scholars Programme.

The Science Scholars Programme is a three-year extracurricular experience on top of student’s Science degree aimed at skill building for students who are passionate and enthusiastic about Science and where it can be taken in society. It involves small cohorts (compared to standard university lectures) which students will stay with throughout the three years of the programme.

Completed in conjunction with the Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Advanced Science, the Science Scholars programme combines one-on-one mentoring with the cross-disciplinary interaction and research opportunities that aren’t usually available in undergraduate study.

You’ll join a select group of Science students, from across the faculty, who work closely with the University of Auckland’s leading scientists and teachers to support and extend each other.

As you earn your degree you’ll develop the skills you need to thrive in a science-based career, taking part in research activities and participating in specialised lectures and seminars.

Entry to the Science Scholars Programme is competitive, and we are interested in both your potential for academic success, and your engagement with activities outside the classroom.

Please note: If you are studying Biomedical Science, you can be a Science Scholar, provided you don’t want to gain entry into the MBChB programme. The requirements for entry into Medicine mean your first-year courses are completely prescribed, and you don’t have the flexibility to choose.

You can check out our website for more in depth information or get in contact with the programme directly at scischol@auckland.ac.nz.