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Jobs in skill shortage in NZ

Skill shortages happen when employers find it hard to get staff with the right skills for the job. Knowing which jobs are in skill shortage can help you choose the best job option or decide what subjects to study.

Reasons for skill shortages

Skill shortages can happen because:

  • there aren’t enough workers with the right skills available
  • turnover is high because workers are unhappy with pay or working conditions
  • there is a general labour shortage, such as during low unemployment.

Skill shortages can change due to:

  • changes in technology or the economy
  • skilled workers moving to another country
  • an ageing workforce.

Immigration New Zealand’s skill shortage lists

When jobs appear on Immigration New Zealand’s skill shortage lists, this means the Government is actively encouraging skilled workers from overseas to work in that role in New Zealand.

Find out what jobs are currently on Immigration New Zealand’s long-term, regional, and construction and infrastructure skill shortage lists within the following industries.

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Have you set up an NZQA student login?

If you want to get access to your NZQA record of achievement and order NCEA certificates, then you need an NZQA Student or Learner login. Some applications may require you to upload a PDF of your NCEA results, such as the NZ Defence Force.

To set up an NZQA account, use your personal (not school) email. Through this account, you can order NCEA certificates from previous years but it is best to wait until you have your external exam results through before ordering certificates for your current NCEA level.

To set up a new account ,you will need your National Student Number: NQZA Student & Learners Login

This account is a way for not just current but also past students (secondary, tertiary and on-job training) to access their Record of Achievementorder certificates and more.

You can access your results online anytime.  You need to register as a user and login.

The ‘My School Entries and Results’ screen will be updated with internal results as they become available during the year. External results will be available online from mid January.

As your results are updated regularly NZQA recommends that you choose carefully when ordering copies of your documents. If you require additional copies there may be a charge.

What can I order?

New Zealand Record of Achievement (NZRoA) You can save a free copy of your NZRoA in PDF format by logging into the Learner portal on this website.

You are also entitled to one free hard copy of your NZRoA each year (if you had results in the previous year).  Any more hard copies will cost $15.30 each.  You can order online.

NCEA and University Entrance Certificates You are entitled to one free NCEA certificate at each level and one free UE certificate.  Any more copies will cost $15.30 each.  You can order online.
Certificate reprints There is a charge of $15.30 for each certificate reprint.  You can order online.

Looking for Summer work?

You may be looking to get some experience and cash over the school holiday before starting uni, a training course or returning to school. A number of Summer jobs are being advertised on the Liston Careers website in the ‘Jobs’ section:  Check out the jobs on offer! There are also some apprenticeship opportunities too.


Changes to Engineering entry requirements – University of Auckland

As a consequence of COVID disruptions in 2021, the Faculty of Engineering wishes to signal an adjustment to its previously advised admission requirements for 2022 entrance. Please see the Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) domestic entry requirements for details on the changes and how they apply to NCEA students.

Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) domestic entry requirements

In particular, while the previously advised rank score and subject requirements still guarantee entry, we advise the following entry paths also apply, subject to places being available.
National Certificate of Educational Achievement Level 3 (NCEA) – We will also consider applicants who have done well but have not quite achieved the guaranteed 260 rank score.
In addition, we have made the following changes to Calculus and Physics subject requirements. Applicants will require, in addition to achieving University Entrance, a minimum of 11 external Level 3 credits in Mathematics with Calculus (two of the three of the following Calculus Achievement Standards); and a minimum of 10 external Level 3 credits in Physics (two out of the three following Physics Achievement Standards).
External Calculus Achievement Standards:
  • 91578: Apply differentiation methods in solving problems, 6 credits
  • 91579: Apply integration methods in solving problems, 6 credits
  • 91577: Apply the algebra of complex numbers in solving problems, 5 credits
External Physics credits Achievement Standards:
  • 91523: Demonstrate understanding of wave systems, 4 credits
  • 91524: Demonstrate understanding of mechanical systems, 6 credits
  • 91526: Demonstrate understanding of electrical systems, 6 credits.
NB: Although we would be again considering NCEA applicants with at least 11 credits in Calculus and 10 in Physics, these would not be guaranteed.


Exciting new digital design degree

Whitecliffe College in Auckland has spent a year devising this new programme, the Bachelor of Design and Digital Media, with a view to creating graduates to meet industry needs.

The programme will promote experimental, innovative critical and reflective approaches to emerging ideas and design technologies.

User experience, web and responsive design, data visualisation, graphic design, human centered design, design thinking, entrepreneurship and independent research will be covered.

The programme will promote experimental, innovative critical and reflective approaches to emerging ideas and design technologies, and encourage students to develop their own independent practices and positions to fulfil the needs of the industry.

Course information: Bachelor of Design and Digital Media 

Need to cover living expenses while studying?

There’s a lot to organise if you’re studying next year but there’s one thing you can’t forget. Apply to StudyLink for your 2022 Student Allowance or Student Loan – and send us your documents by 16 December.

Your fees will be free for the first year but if you need money to cover living expenses, you need to apply to StudyLink.

There are two main ways:

  • Student Loan – You pay this loan back once you start working (earning over a certain amount) and it is interest-free. You apply separately for funds to pay for course fees, living costs and course-related costs.
  • Student Allowance – This is a weekly allowance to pay for your living expenses and is means-tested, based on your parents’ income . You do not need to pay this back. Use the Parental Income Calculator to help you work out if you could be eligible.

For an overview on all this, check out Liston Careers.

Latest ‘Leaving School’ magazine available

The latest issue of ‘Leaving School’ magazine is now available to read FREE online or as a printed copy available from the Library or outside the Careers Office.

We profile 23 young people making successful careers for themselves in the following industries and professions: Accounting, Automotive, Building & Construction, the Defence Force, Education, Electrical, Engineering, Fishing, Forestry, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Glazing, Grocery, Marine Composites, Paramedicine, Pig Farming, Plumbing, Quantity Surveying and Sign Making.

Featured also are profiles on 14 occupations in the Service Industries which include Accountant, Chef, Contact Centre Worker, Driver, Financial Adviser, Hairdresser / Barber, Human Resources Manager, Journalist, Lawyer, Marketing Specialist, Executive / Personal Assistant, Pilot, Sales Representative, Valuer and we include employment prospects, length of study and prospective pay for each occupation.

Leaving School #22 –

Included in this issue is:

  • advice from Maria Neville-Foster, Principal – Sacred Heart College in Napier
  • study tips for students as they prepare for end-of-year exams
  • coping strategies to help with exam preparation
  • tips for interviews
  • CV preparation
  • KiwiSaver

Building skate parks for a living

Working in the civil construction trades can lead to interesting work. Twenty-nine-year-old Seb Jones is living every kid’s dream. He’s a site foreman with Hunter Civil and spends his days building skate parks around New Zealand. Yes, you read that right – he gets to build skate parks for a living.

Seb is originally from Wales, where he worked on a project decommissioning the Trawsfynydd Nuclear Power Station in Snowdonia. In 2013, he swapped his life in the Welsh mountains for a life in the Southern Alps – if you look up pictures of Snowdonia, you’d be forgiven for thinking you were looking at images of Aotearoa. It was a home away from home for Seb.

After his move, he began working for Hunter Civil almost straight away, starting out as a machine operator. He has been with them for seven years now, having rapidly climbed the ranks to site foreman. The first project he worked on was the Washington Way Reserve Skate Park in the middle of Christchurch – a $3m, six-month project that involved the construction of new ramps, bowls and street skate areas. He’s since worked on many others, including the redeveloped Waiheke Skate Park, which was officially opened earlier this year on Waiheke Island near Auckland.

Read the full story: Here

Thinking about this trades pathway? Check out the industry training organisation and apprenticeships: Connexis

Where to from school?

As we approach the end of the year, now is the perfect time for secondary school learners to download the ‘Where to from school?’ ebook. A chance to take a closer look at what opportunities are available, whether leaving school with NCEA level 1, 2 or 3.

Download the ebook: Here

University of Auckland ID document verification

In light of the continued Covid restrictions, Applications and Admissions will be accepting uploaded electronic copies of identity documents with a statutory declaration through the Statutory Declaration form for Identity Documents.

Further information has also been updated on the COVID-19 Update for Applicants website. Please note that we will be prioritising those with a firm offer of place for a 2022 start term to allow them to enrol from the 1 November 2021. This will include School Leavers with firm offers and Fast Track offers.