CV writing & cover letters

Anyone searching for and applying for a job will need to produce a good CV to showcase what they have to offer. This applies for part-time work while you are at school, an apprenticeship or full-time employment.

CVs can be quite basic when you have little or no work experience and in this case will focus more on your personal qualities and transferable skills. Those are skills you can transfer from your involvement in: sports, music, cultural activities, hobbies, school leadership roles, volunteering work and so on.

How to write a CV

The online platform Career Central has a great ‘CV Builder’ tool under Step 2 (About Me) on your dashboard. This uses all the details you save in your profile and includes your personal statement, skills & subject strengths, work experience, education and interests. There is a choice of CV templates for you to use and a cover letter template to download.

To login to Career Central, use your school email and password. 

Under ‘Resources’ on your Career Central dashboard, you can access e-learning on CV writing and other related modules.

Here’s a useful resource to use when building your CV on Career Central: Sentence_Starters__Examples

Other CV writing resources

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Writing a cover letter

Your cover letter to the employer accompanies your CV and needs to demonstrate:

  • why you are interested in the job
  • what relevant skills and experience you have to suit this job
  • why an employer should bother to read your CV

It needs to be accurate, easy to read and not simply repeat the content of your CV.

How to write a cover letter 

Cover letter template & example