Finding a job

Gaining part-time work while at school is a great way to develop life and work-related skills. It can help make you more employable when you come to look for an apprenticeship or full-time employment and it is a good way of saving money for your future study or training.

Employers check what work experience you have had to see if you will suit the role. If you have not worked before, here are some ways of making yourself more employable:

  • Unpaid community work and volunteering is a great way of giving back, developing your character and  learning new skills.
  • Joining a group such as a sports team or club shows employers you can get along with others and work in a team.
  • Work experience or shadowing a parent of family friend helps you find out the workplace, different roles and skills needed.

Job search tips

Not all jobs are advertised and not all are online, so ask friends and family about opportunities. Some of the ways to find jobs include:

  • Job vacancy websites – see below for useful links
  • Social media – company Facebook pages
  • Company career websites –  sign up for notifications

The-beginners-guide-to-job-hunting-ebook – discover the best ways to hunt for jobs, promote yourself and launch yourself into the world of work.

The Complete Student Jobs Guide – MoneyHub  – this includes a list of NZ employers actively hiring, student job websites, job hunting through social media, CVs & cover letters, job interviews and knowing your rights at work.

Job Hunting – Careers New Zealand – how to search for jobs, 10 steps to job hunting, CVs & cover letters, writing an application form, interviewing preparation & tips.

Job seeker websites

Student Job Search – job positions for tertiary students

Teen Jobs – this website designed by a teen helps match students with employers

Seek – large job search engine with a career advice section

TradeMe – search a wide range of vacancies

Jora – helps you search jobs across different websites

Careers NZ – a full list of job vacancy & recruitment websites