Food technology & engineering scholarships announced

September 7, 2021

Massey University has released details of some 2022 Scholarships available for students applying to study Engineering or Food Technology. Applications are open NOW.

School of Food and Advanced Technology First Year Undergraduate Scholarship
$3,000 – 1 year duration

David Levene Foundation Bursaries
Up to 10,000

Massey University Undergraduate Scholarship
$5,000 – 3 years duration

Sir James Wattie Scholarship for Food Technology
$10,000 – 4 years duration

The Capstone Editing Textbook Grant for Undergraduates
The grant provides A$3,000 to one undergraduate student in New Zealand or Australia per year to assist in covering the cost of their textbooks for the duration of their degree.

Professional Engineering Scholarship

To be eligible to apply, students must be a NZ Citizen or Permanent Resident in or commencing full time study working towards a Bachelor of Engineering at a NZ UniversityThe Scholarships are designed to assist New Zealanders to further their ambitions and opportunities towards a career as a Professional Engineer. Each Scholarship will awarded up to a maximum value of $5,000 which will be paid in annual instalments and based on the time taken to complete your degree. Worley is providing three professional Engineering Scholarships to students who are currently in full time study working towards a Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) OR enrolled to commence study in 2022.

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