Interested in becoming an entrepreneur?

August 26, 2021

The Bachelor of Entrepreneurship is an exciting new offering from the University of Otago’s Business School. This qualification is designed to be uniquely self-directed, equipping students to create new products, services and ideas, and drive social good.

The programme has a large degree of freedom with only two core papers each year, enabling students to follow their passions as they decide which other papers to enrol in. For example, if a student wants to start their own enterprise, they can study business alongside subjects relevant to their new venture.

Background required

There are no prerequisites except a genuine desire to develop your entrepreneurial potential. Students considering this degree may have come through the Young Enterprise programme at school and have a curiosity about developing new products and ideas or might already be running their own business.

Degree structure

There is no requirement to take a major. Students can take any combination of a major or minor in Business, Humanities, Sciences, Applied Science or the Bachelor of Health Sciences – or none – it’s up to them!

For more information: Bachelor of Entrepreneurship