Other career tools

Career planning involves a process of knowing yourself, exploring options, making decisions and taking action.

Where do I start? Careers NZ outlines these stages and how to begin planning your future.

Useful Career Sites

  • Careers NZ – many useful resources & over 400 jobs to search and related industries.
  • CareerQuest – a 15 minute quiz that matches job ideas to your interests.
  • Skill Matcher – discover jobs that match your skills.
  • Subject Matcher – get job ideas based on the subjects you enjoy or are interested in.
  • Study Spy – a free course comparison tool (tertiary & trades) to help you make informed choices.
  • Occupational Outlook –  search job prospects & earning potential of different occupations.

Career videos

  • Just the Job – over 300 career videos arranged in vocational pathways.
  • NZ Talent –  over 100 videos with insights into different careers and the skills employers are looking for.
  • Oompher TV – amazing stories to inspire young New Zealanders to take the first step on their own extraordinary career pathway.
  • Kiwis at Work – day in the life videos of Kiwis who are chasing their life dreams
  • Dream Catchers – remarkable New Zealanders and their achievements on the other side of the world

Other resources

University resources

These resources are of general use to help you with career ideas linked to school subjects and interests, even if you are not applying to these universities.