Scholarship application tips

Get started immediately as time is limited! Do a thorough research of scholarships in your July school holiday.

  • Check you meet the scholarship criteria e.g. academic rank score or financial need.
  • Think about your leadership experience, achievements in academics and sports, arts competitions, examples of community recognition, academic mentoring, cultural involvement etc.
  • Gather supporting evidence of your achievements e.g. school reports, certificates, newspaper articles and letters.
  • If the scholarship is for financial assistance, then gather necessary evidence (this will be treated confidentially by the school).
  • Decide who you will ask to be your referee or endorser.
  • Confirm they are happy to do this and check their details.
  • Write up your application in the school holiday.

To help the school have the necessary information to support your scholarship application/s, please complete this online form: Liston College ‘Scholarship Application Intention Form 2021 (for 2022 study)’

You will need information about the following to complete this form:

  • Tertiary course & place of intended study in 2020 or training programme. (E.g. Auckland University – Bachelor of Commerce/LLB conjoint)
  • Your goals and aspirations for your career/study/future etc (at least one paragraph required)
  • Academic Achievements (Subject prizes/other awards). State year E.g. Year 12 First in Biology (2017).
  • Yr 12 & 13 Leadership Roles (E.g. Team Captain, Prefect, Peer Mediation). State year/s.
  • Yr 11-13 Co-curricular Involvement at Liston (E.g. sport, culture, music, tutoring). State year/s.
  • Yr 11-13 Representative Teams (E.g. provincial, national). State year/s.